ISA C onnecting Innovation and Sustainability Illinois leads the nation in production of soybeans, an important protein source for animals and humans around the world. ISA believes that by working together, we can solve our greatest challenges and create the future we want. We're committed to... Read more
ISA Joins Illinois Chamber to Host Annual Export Conference ISA joined the International Business Council of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce to host their annual international trade conference May 17 and to present during a panel discussion. The focus was “Global is Local: Developing a 21 st... Read more
ISA Names Crop Sciences Scholarship Winners for 2018-19 ISA has chosen five college students to receive crop science scholarships for the 2018-19 school year. The scholarships are funded through the ISA checkoff program. Three students attend the University of Illinois: Luke Boeckman, Clinton, Ill... Read more
Pay Attention to Seed Quality and Planting Population This Spring Looking to lower input costs and wondering what to watch for as you plant soybeans this spring? Did you know planting populations can be lowered significantly without sacrificing yield? Consider reducing your rates by about 5,000 to... Read more
Planting Plans Derailed? Stay the Course. If your carefully considered plan to plant soybeans early has been upset by this spring’s cool and wet conditions, you’re not alone. With delayed planting dates, many growers are planning to plant corn first. Just realize that going back to the corn-first... Read more
ISG Pushes Trade Value as Cuba Elects New President On the eve of Cuba announcing its new president this week, Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG), which has been a leading advocate for opening up trade and relations with Cuba, issued a statement from ISG President Lynn Rohrscheib, a soybean farmer from... Read more
Petersburg Poultry Processing Offers Farmers Unique Opportunity Petersburg Poultry Processing , a USDA certified plant in Menard County, processes chickens, turkeys and game birds and also has a certified hatchery for broilers and turkeys. The Sullivan family will host a tour of the plant and a... Read more
ISA Responds to China Tariff Announcement lSA leaders and staff this week are sharing the Illinois perspective on the 25 percent soybean tariff announced by the Chinese Commerce Department. An estimated 60 percent of Illinois soybeans are exported, and about half of those go to China, representing... Read more
Loyola’s Biodiesel Initiatives Rival its Basketball Team’s Success No matter which basketball team comes out on top in the NCAA tournament on Monday, Loyola University is a winner when it comes to biodiesel. The Searle Biodiesel Program at Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental... Read more
ISA Reception for Asian Consulates Strengthens Customer Relationships On March 22, the ISA checkoff program hosted a reception for several Asian consulates at the Chicago office. Attendees represented consulates based in Chicago, including current and potential Illinois soybean customers in Asia... Read more