Planning to Diversify with Livestock or Poultry?

The Livestock Checklist Guide developed by the ISA checkoff program helps Illinois farmers plan for incorporating livestock or poultry into their crop farms. The video and fact sheets share considerations for starting or expanding a livestock operation. The guide highlights planning, best management practices and business management. It covers siting a barn, crisis management and hiring help. Plus, it provides additional resources for the entire process.

Livestock Checklist Guide

State Regulation Resources

The Illinois Department of Agriculture oversees the Livestock Management Facilities Program. All farms need to adhere to state regulations, including set-back distances and water-protection rules. These resources can help you navigate Illinois rules and regulations.

Manure Management Resources

For crop farmers, livestock offers more value through manure, a renewable, natural fertilizer that increases profit margins by reducing commercial fertilizer costs. To realize the full benefits of manure, it must be managed according to regulations and best management practices.

ISA Animal Ag Weekly Newsletter