Chad Watts, Sarah Church, Ph.D. and Ursula Mahl, discuss the Indian Creek Watershed Project (ICWP). The ICWP is an innovative approach to voluntary adoption of on-...

ISA Director Jenny Mennenga explains the sustainability efforts that she has incorporated on her farm to improve soil health.

ISA Director Doug Schroeder explains why applying nutrients at the right time and installing water control structures can reduce nutrient runoff and help improve...

ISA Director Tom Kentner explains why he uses cover crops and strip till on his farm.

Three Illinois soybean growers discuss ways that they have incorporated sustainability practices onto their farms to help protect topsoil and water.

Lowell Gentry from the University of Illinois discusses bioreactors and nitrogen management systems in relation to the Illinois Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

Bill Simmons, Ph.D., reviews key concepts for the 4R Certification Exam.

Tom Bruulsema, Ph.D., describes how right source, right rate, right timing and right place can help maintain soil available phosphorus while reducing loss of phosphorus.

Bill Simmons, Ph.D., discusses the importance of the 4Rs: right timing, right source, right rate and right place.

The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy was finalized this summer. Growers and retailers alike will have to make plans to reduce nutrient losses in the future, working toward the goal of a 25 percent reduction in the state’s phosphorus load and a 15 percent reduction in the state’s nitrate...