Training and Tools for Pork, Beef & Dairy, and Poultry Farmers

Certified Livestock Manager Training

Training provides valuable resource materials and preparation for the Certified Livestock Certificate, which is required by the Livestock Management Facility Act.

Additional Tools 

Need more tools to help make the descision about adding livestock? Below are links that can help you in deciding if adding livestock is what is best for you and your farm.
University of Illinois: Farmdoc FAST Tools
University of Illinois Extension: Manure Management Tools 
Iowa State University: Ag Decision Maker Tools

Economic Impact of Animal Agriculture

The Impact of Animal Ag

State-specific statistics on the impact animal ag has locally, including output, earnings, employment, income tax and property assessment.

Animal Ag Economic Impact by County

Shows how animal agriculture impacts local economies by county in Illinois.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Raising livestock and processing meat and dairy products creates a $30.4 billion impact on the Illinois economy. Learn how this industry serves as an economic engine -- and about room for growth.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture in Illinois

Shows how important animal agriculture is to Illinois soybean growers – and to the state’s economy. Livestock producers are soybean growers’ No. 1 customer. Unfortunately, Illinois livestock producers are facing increasing regulations, foreign competition, and a growing not-in-my-backyard mentality here at home.

Talking to Consumers

Illinois Farm Families®

Illinois farmers are getting the message out on what it takes to produce the world’s greatest soybeans. They are helping people understand where their food comes from and how it is grown.