Checkoff-Funded Research Continues to Improve Soymeal Quality 

Illinois soybean checkoff-funded research continues to provide advances in protein quality and digestibility, while working to minimize some of the anti-nutritional effects.  In fact, recent preliminary research indicates soybean meal may help hogs fight disease better. 

Soybean Meal INFO Center

Features soybean checkoff-funded research reports and papers, composition details and contact information for processors and exporters.

Soybean Oil and Meal Economics: How Livestock Producers Benefit from Biodiesel Production

There has been a lot of discussion about the drivers of the recent price increases for soybeans, soybean oil and soybean meal. Biofuel production has influenced prices but due to many factors occurring simultaneously, the degree to which demand for soybean oil for biodiesel production has impacted meal price is difficult to disentangle. This report addresses livestock producers benefit from biodiesel production.

2015 Illinois Agriculture Economic Contribution Study

Illinois Agriculture Economic Contribution Study

The study's results show that agriculture is a critical component of Illinois’ overall economic well-being. Illinois agriculture is connected to a large integrated set of industries – from the production of agricultural commodities to food and feed processing to agricultural input manufacturing and many other ag-support industries. The analysis indicates that diminishment or removal of any one of them will likely cause significant negative impacts to the others. 

Animal Agriculture Economic Analysis, 2005-2015

United Soybean Board Animal Agriculture Economic Analysis, 2005-2015

This study provides recent data on livestock, poultry, and aquaculture output, their soybean meal use, and the benefits animal agriculture brings to each  state and the national economy.