Beyond providing high-quality, local soybean protein for animals, ISA works to protect your right to grow and be profitable at home in Illinois. Animal agriculture is the No. 1 customer for soybean growers in Illinois.

That’s because soybeans have been proven to deliver better performance and health time and again – making them the leading source of protein for animal feed and in the aquaculture industry. Whether you raise hogs, poultry, cattle or other animals, you can rely on Illinois soybeans and soybean meal for feeding. 

Discover the Benefits of Manure

For crop farmers, livestock offers even greater value through its most valuable asset – manure. Manure generates a renewable, natural fertilizer that increases profit margins by reducing commercial fertilizer costs. Diversifying with livestock positively impacts your community, and the added income and labor can bring the next generation home to farm. 

Testimonial Video

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from other farmers about how they utilize manure and why it's important to diversify with livestock.

Success Stories 

Straight Talk: What others are saying about the benifits of raising livestock in Illinois.

Take a Deeper Look at the Benefits 

Profits grow with reduced fertilizer costs. Diversity reduces risk. Crops benefit from improved soils, and that’s just the beginning. Download this brochure to take a deeper look at the biggest asset livestock can bring to your farm.

NEW Manure Rate Calculator App

Dr. Ted Funk, Agricultural Engineering Consultant for the Illinois Pork Producers Association has been charged with developing an Illinois Manure Calculator to help producers efficiently calculate their manure usage. 

Additional Tools 

Need more tools to help make the decision about adding livestock? Below are links that can help you in deciding if adding livestock is what is best for you and your farm.
University of Illinois: Farmdoc FAST Tools
University of Illinois Extension: Manure Management Tools 
Iowa State University: Ag Decision Maker Tools
Purdue University: Small Scale Livestock Enterprise - please note, this link only covers cow-calf, dairy steers, sheep, goats, and turkeys.

Planning to add livestock or expand your operation? 

ISA has developed a guide to help IL farmers plan for incorporating livestock into their grain operation. The guide highlights planning, best management practices and business management aspects, and covers topics such as siting a facility and managing crisis. The guide also provides additional resources for the entire process. 

Livestock Guide Video

View the video to learn more about important considerations for starting your livestock operation. 

Livestock Planning Guide

Looking to add livestock to your operation but not sure where to start? Click to download our livestock guide to begin planning your operation. 

Checkoff-Funded Research Continues to Improve Soymeal Quality

Illinois soybean checkoff-funded research continues to provide advances in protein quality and digestibility, while working to minimize some of the anti-nutritional effects. In fact, recent preliminary research indicates soybean meal may help hogs fight disease better. We also are investing in the initial stages of measuring the amino acid content of multiple varieties – soybeans include all 10 essential amino acids – which will be reported in the Varietal Information Program for Soybeans (VIPS).


Research Examines Potential Animal Health Benefits of Soybean Meal

Recent University of Illinois research funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff shows that soybean meal may help hogs fight disease. The findings indicate that soybean meal may offer advantages compared to synthetic amino acids.

Lower Transportation Costs Translate into Lower Overhead for All

When you purchase soy-based feed, the entire value chain saves money! With five different processing facilities located throughout the state, transportation costs from the farm to the elevator to the processor and ultimately to your farm are significantly decreased. It all has to do with the proximity of all of the components to each other. You're not paying shipping costs, import taxes or any other fees… you're simply helping support your colleagues and neighbors.

Five Illinois Processing Facilities

Illinois has five processing centers conveniently located that help cut down on transportation costs for growers and producers. This includes ADM in Decatur and Quincy, Bunge Oilseed Processing in Cairo, Cargill, Inc. in Bloomington, and Incobrasa Industries, Ltd. in Gilman.

Wider Support Helps Illinois Economy as a Whole

In recent years, growth within the Illinois livestock sector has been dramatically outpaced by the national average. With an increasing worldwide demand for meat and dairy products, the potential for animal agriculture opportunities in Illinois is great. But, it takes strong local support to build and expand animal agriculture operations. ISA understands this and the key role animal agriculture plays in the economic health of our communities. That’s why we help advocate for livestock producers and champion their efforts whenever possible.  

Crop & Livestock Farmer Partnership Brochure

How can you be a good neighbor to local livestock and poultry producers? Learn more about the importance and benefits of the crop and livestock farmer relationship.

The Impact of Animal Ag

This tool provides state-specific statistics on the impact animal ag has locally, including output, earnings, employment, income tax and property assessment.

Animal Ag Economic Impact by County

See how animal agriculture impacts local economies by county in Illinois.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Raising livestock and processing meat and dairy products creates a $30.4 billion impact on the Illinois economy. Learn how this industry serves as an economic engine -- and about room for growth.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture in Illinois

Livestock farmers are the No. 1 customer for soybeans. Learn how important animal agriculture is to Illinois soybean growers – and to the state’s economy.

In order to grow the animal agriculture industry in Illinois, it also takes a worldwide emphasis on building exports – including the work of the U.S. Meat Export Federation and USA Poultry & Egg Export Council. In the past couple of years, as the U.S. pork industry encountered tough times, the soybean checkoff provided additional financial support designed to boost international sales of U.S. pork through a program known as the Pork Stimulus Plan.


Have Questions About Soybeans and Livestock Production?

Contact ISA's staff director for animal agriculture, Mark Albertson or Lindsey Henson, Animal Ag Lead, at:

Mark Albertson
P: (309) 808-3601

Lindsey Henson
P: (217) 219-1779